Weight Lifting Complete

“And Jesus answered and said to them, Truly I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ it will happen. And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.” — Matthew 21:21-22

Everything here at Weight Lifting Complete is 100% free. The results you’ll achieve with the methods you’ll find here will be astounding, and your life will change so much in the positive direction. You will be happier in life, and you’ll have a purpose in life.

There are only 2 directions you can move in life: (1) the positive direction OR (2) the negative direction. I’ll help you build an amazing body that is insanely strong, powerful, and especially healthy. Get moving in the positive direction today and not only look great but feel great too.

1. Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting. The key to building muscle, strength, and raw power is through weight lifting and intelligently designed workouts. Through the best exercises and best workouts, you can achieve a body you never thought possible. Weight lifting is a must if you want fast and permanent results.

1.1 Weight Lifting Exercises. There are 7 core weight lifting exercises you will find in every weight lifting workout program you’ll find here at WLC. Using the best exercises saves you time in the gym and gives you very high quality results.

1.2 Weight Lifting Equipment. You can easily start building a home gym with a minimal amount of weight lifting equipment. You’ll find what you need and why you need certain equipment. I highly recommend a home gym for convenience, cost, time, and availability.

1.3 Weight Lifting Workouts. You will find hundreds of free weight lifting workouts here at Weight Lifting Complete. These are all intelligently designed to ensure you are getting optimal results every second you spend in the gym lifting weights.

2. Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition. Eating the right food and drinking the right drinks will constantly flood your body with nutrients. In today’s world, food quality is horrible and usually takes away precious nutrients. When you start adding nutrients to your body with every meal, your body changes quickly and your energy, mood, and attitude changes too.

2.1 Healthy Foods. You’re going to be surprised at the list of healthy foods you’ll find here. Unless you’ve been exposed to the truth before, you will learn how most “health foods” are not healthy at all. Foods like real butter are actually much healthier for you than all the processed junk foods.

2.2 Diet Plans. I’ll tell you exactly when, what, and how much you should be eating. Find the perfect diet plan to burn fat and build lean muscle. Everyone is different so you’ll also learn how to make adjustments to fit you better.

2.3 Healthy Recipes. You need a huge selection of healthy recipes with a huge variety of healthy foods. A large variety of food ensures you’re getting all the different benefits of the many foods God has given us to keep us strong and healthy.

2.4 Healthy Drinks. You have to be careful about everything you are taking in and that includes dangerous drinks. You need to ensure you’re always drinking the right fluids to stay hydrated throughout each day.

2.5 Junk Food. You need to know how to recognize junk food. Junk food is everywhere and is labeled as “healthy” by companies who only care about lining their pockets with your hard-earned money. They would rather lie to you and take your money than tell you the truth.

2.6 Supplements. Where do I start? There are so many scammers in the world of health supplements. It’s tough to know which are good, mediocre, bad, or flat out dangerous. I’ll give you my take on supplements so you aren’t wasting money and hurting your health.

2.7 Unhealthy Drinks. You must stay away from all unhealthy drinks and stick to only the healthiest of drinks. Unhealthy drinks rob you of precious nutrients and add body fat.

3. Cardio & Conditioning

Cardio & Conditioning. Weight lifting alone is not enough to produce the body and health that you should have. The right cardio workouts and conditioning exercises will not only burn body fat but will increase your fitness levels allowing you to get even better results from weight training.

3.1 Cardio & Conditioning Exercises. From walking to high difficulty conditioning exercises like burpees, you’ll learn how to burn fat and take your fitness levels to a completely different level with all the right exercises for all the right situations.

3.2 Cardio & Conditioning Workouts. Short and quick workouts that will torch body fat as quickly as possible. Save time with these workouts. As life became busier, quick cardio and conditioning workouts have served me much better.

3.3 Cardio Equipment. From heart rate monitors to running shoes and treadmills. Learn all about cardio equipment that you can use for a huge variety of cardio and conditioning workouts.

4. Rest and Recovery from Workouts

Rest and Recovery From Workouts. In order for your body to build lean muscle and make repairs from your workouts, you have to rest. Rest is a key to getting the results you want. Learn what you should be doing.

4.1 Stretching Exercises. Proper stretching after completion of a weight lifting exercise will lead to increased muscle building signals and increased recovery from your weight lifting workouts by increasing blood flow to the target areas.

4.2 Mobility Exercises. If you want to stay mobile throughout your life without the need for a wheelchair at any point in life, mobility exercises must be a normal part of your workout routines.

5. Tracking Results & Making Adjustments

Tracking Results & Making Adjustments. Measuring your results is the only way to know when you need to make adjustments. You might need to eat more or less, or take an extra rest day, or add an additional conditioning workout here or there. Making adjustments is the key to making continuous progress.

5.1 Weight Lifting Charts. All types of free resources to help you keep track of your weight lifting workouts and progress. From 1 rep max charts to percentage charts for workout warm ups, you’ll find everything you need here.

6. Building Muscle

Building Muscle. There are many tips, tricks, and secrets to building muscle that you need to know. Many of these are already implemented into the weight lifting workouts you’ll find here, but you should know and understand why they work so well.

6.1 Major Muscle Groups. You need to know the major muscle groups so you can recognize which weaknesses you might have throughout your body and how to target those specific muscle groups. Doing so will give you a more complete and balanced body.

6.2 How to Increase Testosterone. Increasing testosterone naturally isn’t as difficult as you might think. If you do all of these things properly, building lean muscle and burning body fat will be easier than ever.

7. Fat Loss

Fat Loss. Fat loss comes easy for some people while it’s much harder for others. More lean muscle can make fat loss so much easier and that’s another reason why building muscle is important. Learn how to torch body fat easily.

8. Health Benefits and Dangers

Health Benefits and Dangers. Discussing health benefits of various foods, exercises, and workouts will help you understand why I guide you to do certain things. I also want you to know about specific dangers that are out there so you can avoid them as well.