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best quad exercises

The Best Quad Exercises For Strong and Powerful Thighs

"1 But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord…

bigger calves

The Secrets to Building Bigger Calves

"13 And no man hath ascended vp to heauen, but hee that came downe from heauen, euen the Sonne of man which is in heauen." - John 3:13 Bigger calves…

weight lifting when sick

Weight Lifting When Sick And What To Do

"46 For had ye beleeued Moses, ye would haue beleeued me: for he wrote of me." - John 5:46 Weight lifting when sick is a very tough subject for many…

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STEP 1: Build muscle and strength through weight lifting.

Weight Lifting

-- Charts

-- Equipment

-- Exercises

-- Schedule

-- Techniques

-- Workouts

STEP 2: Flood your body with nutrients through your diet plan.

Diet Plans

-- Drinks

-- Foods

-- Meal Plans

-- Recipes

-- Junk Food

-- Supplements

STEP 3: Burn fat and improve your mobility and health with cardio.


-- Equipment

-- Exercises

-- Workouts

STEP 4: Set goals, measure results, and make adjustments to continue making progress at all times.


-- Goal Setting

-- Measuring

-- Workout Log

-- Adjustments

-- Motivation

STEP 5: Recover fully from your workouts for faster results and continuous progress.


-- Injuries

-- Mobility

-- Stretching

STEP 6: Learn tips, tricks, and secrets to building muscle.

Gain Muscle

-- Major Muscle Groups

-- Increasing Testosterone

STEP 7: Learn tips, tricks, and secrets to burning fat.

Burn Fat

STEP 8: Build a relationship with Jesus Christ and receive the gift of eternal life. See you in heaven!

Jesus Christ

Get Your Complimentary Copy of the World-Famous WLC System Instantly: Get Your Copy